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Tips to Present a Business Plan

Developing a business plan takes a long process and arduous hours just to perfect it. But no matter how superb the business plan that you developed, what counts most is how you communicate your planned business to your audience. The problem now is on the presentation. Presenting or reporting has always been intimidating especially if what at stake involves a major project. You may even consider hiring somebody to do the presentation on your behalf. However, no other option can exceed the effectiveness of the presentation when presented by the manager himself who owns the plan.

Tips to consider when presenting a business plan:

Be direct to the point and tell them clearly and exactly what it is that you want them to know. First, give them a little background information about yourself. Then tell them how you were able to come up with this concept. Make your presentation interesting by asking questions or using quotes to get their attention as early as possible. Be aware also that your audience to whom you are presenting your business plan have already heard between 15 to 25 business plans for the whole week, so use an approach, a strategy or style to make you and your business plan stand out among the others. Use visual aids to reinforce your presentation.

After the introduction, you can use a story to relate into what is it that you want to convey. Give emphasis on your concept and always reiterate the key points. Then, proceed to the discussion of your financial segment. You can say something like, "Now that you see the whole picture why this plan will make a lucrative business, let's touch on the financial figures to support it." For this part, it is okay to have your finance officer or someone else discuss the figures so that your audience can clearly comprehend your cash flows. If you can do it yourself, much better. Then furnish them copy of your financial forecast.

End your presentation with a big bang. It will tell the difference whether or not you will receive the funding or otherwise. Good if you capture them right in your introduction. But if you think that you were not able to convince them early on, try to win them back on the latter part of your presentation. Do everything that will make them remember you and your concept by using visual aids, music, lights and even foods. Insert a Q&A portion and make sure that your answers will satisfy them.