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10 Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

10 Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Interviewing for a position can be a nerve-racking experience. Even the most seasoned job seekers get rusty and may need to brush up on their interviewing technique. During times of high unemployment, competition for available positions can be incredibly high. Any additional steps you can take to separate yourself from other potential hires gets you that much closer to landing your dream job.

1. Research the Company

Many hiring managers will ask you what you know about the company straight away. This is a way to determine how proactive potential hires are when seeking employment. The more you know the more impressive you'll be to a prospective employer.

2. Show Up Early

There is a small window of time when it's appropriate to show up for an interview. Show up too early and you seem desperate and make the receptionist uncomfortable. Show up late and you've essentially lost the job already. The most opportune time to show up 5 minutes before an interview.

3. Don't Interrupt

Interrupting someone who is speaking isn't just rude in general it's virtually guaranteed you're not invited back for a second interview or made an offer. Be polite and wait for your time to speak.

4. Treat Everyone Equally

It is common for many companies to have potential hires interview with multiple department heads and sometimes even coworkers. This is to ensure you'll get along with others in the organization. If you treat everyone with the same level of respect then you're more likely to do well.

5. Take Notes

Bring a binder or day planner which contains a notepad and pen so you can jot down information relevant to the interview. Providing follow-up information, contacting a certain person or department or making notes for your own reference all come in handy during and after an interview.

6. Ask Good Questions

At the end of most interviews you will be provided an opportunity to ask a question or two of the hiring manager. Ideally, you'll have this question ready ahead of time and it will be relevant to either the position or the company.

7. Watch Your Body Language

Body language is an important aspect of an interview as it conveys more information than most people thing. Try not to act fidgety or aloof as it will create a bad impression. Sit up straight, make direct eye contact, not in agreement and periodically leaned forward to show interest to make the right impression.

8. Bring Extra Resumes

Many organizations, especially those with multiple large departments, may pass your resume around to the appropriate people. It is always good to bring a few extra resumes in case someone spontaneously appears for your particular interview.

9. Be Sincere

Many hiring managers will interview hundreds if not thousands of potential hires over their careers. They developed a sixth sense and can easily detect interviewees who are insincere and inauthentic. Be honest and open with all answers and develop a rapport with the interviewer.

10. Stay Positive

Above all else, relax and stay positive. Many interviewees make the process more difficult than it actually is by being nervous and getting down on themselves. Be friendly, have a smile on your face, act natural and be upbeat and it will come across in the interview.