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8 Reasons to Stop Going to the Movies

8 Reasons to Stop Going to the Movies

Going to the movies used to be an event enjoyed by families and friends looking for a fun night out. That positive experience has changed for the worse as moviegoers have become more nonchalant about their behavior and content producers have become more greedy. Some aspects like blocked views and late arrivals have been in existence since "picture shows" were first invented. Big screen high-definition televisions with HD video and 5.1 channel surround sound means consumers no longer need to tolerate a poor movie-going experience when they can have a better time from the comfort of their home.

1. Blocked Views

Inevitably, no matter where you sit in a movie theater someone tall will be sitting in front of you blocking your view of the screen. This shouldn't even be possible, especially with stadium style seating being commonplace, but it happens more often than you would think.

2. Seat Kickers

Unless you are sitting in the back row, there always seems to be an eight-year-old with restless leg syndrome wailing away at the back of your chair. It's more understandable with adults simply because movie theater chairs are only slightly more comfortable than sitting directly on concrete.

3. Trailers for Days

Trailers used to be an enjoyable part of the movie because you would see a few minutes of summer blockbuster footage to get you excited before the feature presentation. This still happens on occasion, but after the eighth trailer you just want to see the movie and get on with your life.

4. Crying Babies

Babies are wonderful... except when they're in a movie theater and won't stop crying. Most parents are actually quite good at taking their baby outside until they settle down but that's not always the case. Most parents already know that if you have children you won't see a current movie for at least a decade without there being an issue.

5. Commercials

The very first time I saw a commercial when paying to see a movie I said "Seriously!" out loud. This singular reason was enough to stop me from watching movies at a movie theater. Commercials during broadcast TV is one thing because what you're viewing is free, but commercials during a movie is completely unacceptable.

6. Cell Phone Users

Cell phone use has become ubiquitous in all aspects of society, unfortunately social etiquette has not evolved as quickly. Most consumers use common sense and put their phones on silent or turn them off altogether when at a movie but there always seems to be someone chatting or texting away causing a distraction.

7. Late Arrivals

Moviegoers showing up late and walking into a theater 10 minutes into a feature isn't the worst part of going to the theater but it doesn't help. Sometimes you can't help but run late, but during an opening weekend the last thing you want to see is a family of three trying to find seats together in a crowded theater.

8. Loud Eaters

Chomping down on popcorn like a pig at a food trough can make it almost impossible to pay attention to a movie. As if there weren't enough distractions already, most consumers don't want someone munching away in their ear for the next 45 minutes and then getting up to get more.

Go to the Movies at Home

The reason why everyone went to the movies decades ago was because there was no way to see feature pictures from home with the same quality and experience as a theater. Unfortunately for theater owners, technology has made this a moot point. Consumers can pause a blockbuster to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. They can jump back in the movie if they missed something or didn't understand what was said by a character. And they can watch a movie they own as often as they want for less than seeing it once at a movie theater. Billions of dollars are still spent in theaters only because of impatience. I'd rather wait three months than deal with the hassle and expense of going to the movies.

Image by: SimonQ