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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StockMonkeys.com?

StockMonkeys.com is a financial information educational web site with the purpose of sharing concise articles with other members of the community and the Internet as a whole. With StockMonkeys.com, users submit articles for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which articles go on the homepage, the users do. This type of interactive promotion and sharing is instrumental to advancing financial knowledge.

Does StockMonkeys.com Cost Money?

All of our services are currently free to use. While StockMonkeys.com reserves the right to add more value based services in the future which may have a fee based structure there are no plans to charge for services at this time.

How Do I Submit Stories?

Submitting an article is easy. Simply register for a new user account; it is both FREE and EASY to do and once you are logged in you can click on the "Submit An Article" link on the right side of the user area. Enter the title and body of the article and select the sections it falls under and then click submit. All articles are moderated so there will be a slight delay from when an article is submitted and when it appears on StockMonkeys.com.

Are Some Sections of the Site Broken?

StockMonkeys.com requires the use of JavaScript and Cookies to function properly. Cookies tend to get a bad rap for tracking users but they also serve a purpose such as determining whether or not a user is logged in. The StockMonkeys.com cookies also allow you to stay logged in even if you close you web browser which means you do not have to continually log in. JavaScript, via JQuery, is also used extensively for numerous features like article voting and submission.

What is the Difference Between Contributors and Members?

Contributors are employed by StockMonkeys.com and all articles they submit are guarenteed to be original in content and edited by a site administrator. Members are individuals who have signed up for free and submit their content for others to learn from and to gain exposure. Member articles however, by their nature, can not be guarenteed to be original and are not normally edited. As such, StockMonkeys.com adheres strictly to the DMCA and will remove any content submitted by Members in violation of copyright law when notified and will close accounts after two occurances.