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How to Finance Your Great Business Idea

How to Finance Your Great Business Idea

As an entrepreneur we all have great business ideas waiting to be established but one major problem most entrepreneurs face is the lack of funds, they can't just get their business going because they don't have the funds. Financing a business can be a significant obstacle for may individuals. This post will be giving some great tips on how to fund your great business idea.

Be Certain of Your Business Idea

This step is very important and I had to include it first because some of the steps you will take to fund your business idea can be very risky and it can bring more shame than glory if you are not certain of your business idea.

As an upcoming entrepreneur who needs help developing a business idea you must be certain of your business idea because this will also determine how far you will go. If you are not certain of a business idea you will find it difficult convincing others to help you and there will also be a limit to what you can do but if you are certain of your business idea you will be able to go to any length to make sure it is realized.

Know How Much You Will Need

Knowing how much you will need will help make sure you contact the right people for the funds. It is also very important not to try to manage anything but make sure everything is properly analyzed since it is better to have funds in excess than to be short of funds.

1. Use Your Savings

Your savings is yours and you won't be obligated to anyone if you make use of your savings. Even though using your savings is great you should also know that your savings can't be enough to fund every business idea you have.

Another great advantage of using your savings is that potential sponsors and partners will be more willing to help if they see that you have done something to help your business already since it makes you look more responsible.

2. Ask Family and Friends

You can also get funds for your business idea by asking family and friends for their help. Even though many of these people won't want anything in return you should be able to convince them that you have a great business idea and it will mean a lot to both of you if your business could be established, this will make sure they not only help you but they will also go to any extent to get help from you from other sources.

There is no need to be shy and you never can tell who can help, even if your friends/family don't have the funds you need they can also give you advise or direct you to other sources where you can get the funds.

3. Ask Companies to Sponsor

Another way to get the funds your great business idea needs is by asking companies to sponsor your business. Even though this might sound difficult I can assure you there are a lot of companies willing to sponsor if you truly have a great business idea.

A lot of companies are looking for ways to expand their base and they are also ready to identify with the next big thing so you must be able to convince them why your business idea is great and where you see your business in the next decade.

As in everything, you shouldn't just get in touch with the companies and be telling them they need to sponsor you because you will be the next big thing because this will only cripple the chances of them sponsoring you but you should rather emphasize the benefits they will be gaining from partnering with you. If they see they stand to gain the most they would go to any length to make sure your business takes off.

There are many ways to get in touch with big companies willing to sponsor, you can go online and research the companies, get their email addresses and email them your business plan, a little detail about you and why you think they are the best to sponsor your business (a little flattering do wonders).

You might also want to look for companies offline and visit their offices personally, get in touch with the manager and submit your proposal. All in all, make sure you are as professional as possible.

4. Get Bank Loans

I wouldn't advise you to just go to banks and tell them to give you loans for your business as this can be a little complicated but I will rather advise you get a lawyer, inquire about business loans, know the risks and the advantages and know what will happen if your business doesn't succeed. Doing this will help you a lot because your lawyer will also give you professional advice that will end up doing a lot to help your business succeed.

5. Use Government Funding

You can also get funds for your business by getting in touch with the Government of your country, you might want to do a little research on this before you get started. Here are some great articles on getting government grants for your business:

- Government grants

- Sources of government funds

- How to get government grant for small businesses


Your business idea shouldn't be wasted, it can have a long way to go in your life and lack of funds shouldn't be an excuse. Above are some great tips to help you get funds for your great business idea.

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