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Unemployment Debit Card

The United States of America has its fair share of unemployed population. The government provides unemployment benefit to all these individuals. Recently, the decision has been taken to provide unemployment debit cards to these people. The debit card is a prepaid product and this is used for a number of purposes like making purchases, paying different kind of bills, ATM transaction and a lot more.

These cards are also used for availing a number of facilities while traveling. Recently, in the United States of America, unemployment debit card has been introduced to provide unemployment benefits. According to the decisions, the cards will be a Unemployment Debit Visa Card and can be used in any part of the world.

Although the prime aim of this card is to provide unemployment benefits, the cards have all the regular features that are offered with other debit cards. The government has taken the responsibility to inform the respective persons about the process of using these unemployment debit cards.

There are certain fees that are charged for different kind of transactions done through the card like withdrawal of cash, doing transaction outside the country, expedited card and so on. The cardholders are provided with a free cash withdrawal every week.

These free chances can also be carried forward. At the same time, if purchases are made through this card the cardholders can also get cash back offers. By using these credit cards the government can also reduce the expenses done for the process of issuing and mailing unemployment benefit checks.