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6 Cheap Ways to Relieve Stress

6 Cheap Ways to Relieve Stress

The negative effects of stress are far-reaching and range from sleepless nights to the creation of serotonin, all of which have significant negative health implications. A common refrain for most individuals is that they have neither the time nor the money to effectively partake in stress reducing activities. Fortunately, there are a number of different options to relieve stress which don't require inordinate amounts of time or breaking the bank. The following are six of the cheapest ways to relieve stress which anyone can do at any time.

1. Intercourse

The health benefits of coitus have long been well understood. Not only does intercourse lead to boosting the immune system, increased heart rate and calorie burning but it is also known to be a great stress reliever. For the nominal price of various types of birth control, couples can realize significant physical and mental benefits from "enjoying" each others company.

2. Meditation

Meditation is practiced by tens of millions of individuals around the world and scientific study has proven time and again its positive health impact. By blocking out external stimuli and focusing your thoughts on either a black void or peaceful memories, practitioners of meditation eliminate those thoughts from work, personal life or society at large which cause increased stress.

3. Laughing

While the saying may be cliched, it also has significant truth; laughter really is the best medicine. Take a few minutes each day to read some funny jokes online or watch videos of animals playing. Laughter will inevitably alter your personal mood leading to decreased stress levels and better health and work performance.

4. Dancing

While dancing by yourself isn't something that can be done in a corporate office or warehouse environment, it is an activity which both provides exercise and reduces stress when done at home. Dancing falls under the category of doing something you enjoy such as painting, reading, knitting, gardening or any other activity which refocuses your thoughts. Dancing just happens to provide the additional benefit of burning calories.

5. Pillow Beating

If you've watched any episodes on TV or scenes in a movie which involved a therapy session, there will inevitably be a point where the patient beats their fists into a pillow or cushion. This activity provides an important psychological release as it encourages the venting of frustration or other turmoil which can be a root cause of increased stress. Society doesn't really encourage stressed-out individuals going around punching each other which is where pillow beating comes in handy.

6. Squeeze Ball-ing

Handheld stress relief devices have existed for quite a while and are an inexpensive option which is both compact and effective. The primary benefit of squeezing stress balls is to focus the brain on a single point in space and give the individual a limited activity for a fixed period of time. There are many varieties available for a minimal price but read reviews before you purchase one to ensure you get a quality product which serves its intended purpose.

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