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How To Sell Your Timeshare Week

How To Sell Your Timeshare Week

The primary factor in selling your timeshare week is pricing it correctly and targeting those individuals or families likely to benefit most from your offer. Just like residential and commercial properties, timeshares fluctuate in price dramatically based on region in seasonality. All too often, many timeshare owners expect to get back the price they paid even though it is no longer a new timeshare. If you are really interested in selling your timeshare week as quickly as possible, price it according other timeshares offered in your area and be willing to negotiate.

Timeshares sometimes have a number of rules and conditions associated with the property including resale and maintenance fees. Have a copy of your timeshare agreement and any other paperwork which may be relevant to a potential buyer. There may be applicable laws or covenants associated with timeshare resale so be aware of those prior to placing it on the market.

Just like selling a car or your home, selling your timeshare week can be done either by yourself or through the use of the broker. If you want to sell your timeshare week yourself run it by friends and family first as they may be interested in taking advantage of an opportunity to go on vacation. Using your personal network may be all that is necessary to make a sale especially if it involves individuals who trust you and have seen the property before.

If you don't make a sale to people you know then expand your circle by going online and posting to popular classified websites such as Craigslist. Internet classified and auction websites like eBay have specific sections for rentals and vacation homes which can also be used for selling your timeshare week. If you are using an auction site be sure to keep the price low at first to generate interest. The type of individuals likely to purchase a timeshare week on an auction website have probably already done extensive research and have a good idea of what to pay.

While using the Internet is your best bet for selling your timeshare week consider more traditional options like using newspaper classifieds. While local publications don't have the global reach of some of the larger websites they do allow for personal interaction which can be important especially if the price is higher than normal. There is also nothing that limits your ability to combine the two by placing local ads and then linking to online sites so potential buyers can view multiple images and obtain more information without having to speak to you first.

If handling the sale yourself makes you uncomfortable or is not generating any interest consider hiring a broker to handle the transaction for you. Similar to real estate agents, a broker will charge a commission but they will also handle marketing and negotiations as part of the deal. You can find brokers by doing searches online, consulting local professionals and asking for recommendations and using word-of-mouth. Once you find a few that interest you be sure to run them through the Better Business Bureau to protect yourself and your property.

Selling your timeshare week is a little different than selling a home or a vehicle in that the target market is smaller and there are specific techniques to generate interest. Take into account how potential vacationers may view the property and at what time a year they would be willing to use it. Seasonality plays a big part since there is no point in advertising a ski resort timeshare in the middle of summer. Present your property in its best light and be willing to negotiate on price and you should have no problem selling your timeshare week quickly.

Image by: Jim Crocker