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How To Sell A House And Get Maximum Results

How To Sell A House And Get Maximum Results

Selling a house in order to get maximum results requires a concerted effort to present the best face possible both inside and outside the residence. In the real estate business, first impressions are everything which is why you never get a chance to make a first impression a second time. Even with minimal finances and effort there are some improvements that can be made which will help garner maximum benefits.

Try looking at the home as if you are the perspective buyer by walking around the property and looking for various defects and imperfections with a critical eye. Are their weeds and other debris in the landscaping? What about cracks in the driveway or sidewalk which could trip up perspective home buyers? Does the exterior of the house look rundown after years of wear and tear? Remember how the house looked when you first moved in and try to keep that in mind when doing upgrades or repairs.

While doing the walk-through of the interior and exterior of the house be sure to keep clipboard or recorder handy and take notes on what you see. You really don't want to have to do the inspection again because you missed a number of issues. It will also help when you want to buy supplies for conducting repairs. The more thorough you are the first time through with making improvements the happier you'll be to not have to do it again. However, you may have to pick and choose what you focus your money and energy on as not all repairs or upgrades will be financially realistic to get the maximum results.

It can be quite expensive selling a house when taking into consideration various closing costs like title searches and realtor commissions. When you're looking to get maximum results for the sale of your home, set a budget and try to stick to it as close as possible. Renovating bathrooms or remodeling a kitchen, even though they would have a significant return on investment, may not be worth the money and effort in some circumstances. Start with the fixes that are most easily implemented and most cost-effective first to get the ball rolling.

Superficial blemishes are the easiest to fix and can also be the least expensive. Using a touch up paint kit and general purpose cleaner and sponge can help remove significant amounts of dirt or mask any scrapes or other damage. Small amounts of drywall compound can be used to repair small holes that are created when hanging pictures or using nails to mount household items. It may be necessary to caulk around windows and baseboards to fill holes or repair damage from weathering.

More paint may be required than what was used for just touch up purposes. If the exterior of the home is not stucco and the current paint job is older than 10 years it might be necessary to go to the expense of repainting the house. While more costly, it can be used as a major selling point to prospective home buyers and will probably pay for itself when the home is sold. Also, it is best to keep interior paint colors neutral or earth tone as your favorite color might not be the favorite color of the prospective buyer. Much like buying a new car, sometimes all it takes is a paint job to turn off a perspective buyer.

All floors should also be thoroughly cleaned to like new condition. The least expensive way to do this is through the use of a power scrubber for both hard floors and carpet. With any luck a thorough cleaning is all that is required. If however the carpet or linoleum is beyond repair then they may need to be replaced. Much like painting the exterior of the house it will probably be recouped when the home is sold. Not only will the thorough cleaning or replacement impress buyers visually but it can also alleviate possible odors which occur over time from having children or pets.

Finally, consider all of the little staging touches that are going to make your house special when compared to other less interesting homes on the market. Take the time to put fresh flowers out on counters or tables as they will add color and a pleasant smell throughout the home. Also remember to remove any personal effects such as photos and other mementos which will help perspective home buyers visualize the home as there's and not distract when they're walking through the home.

There are number of steps that can be taken when selling a house to get maximum results that only require a concerted effort and a little time. By viewing the home through a buyer's eyes, numerous changes can be made such as touching up damage and cleaning all surfaces which go a long way towards the sale of a home. Depending on current financial resources and the amount of time available, changes as little or as big as you want can be implemented to make your home stand out from all the rest and garner maximum results upon sale.