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Powerful Business Presentation Tips

Powerful Business Presentation Tips

Giving a powerful business presentation is a work of art. It often rides a fine line between informative and entertaining, as well as attention-grabbing and easy to understand. We certainly know what makes a lackluster business presentation, but what makes a successful business presentation or marketing presentation?

Consider your last business presentation and ask yourself: what worked and what didn't work? Sometimes the best route to take is to first assess your last business presentation so that you can build on your achievements - and mistakes.

Know your material

Fully grasping your material will build your confidence, which naturally translates into a more powerful business presentation. The first and foremost rule in a powerful business presentation is preparation! Make sure you have ample time to prepare your material and become very comfortable with the presentation. Your audience will feel comfortable as well.

Know your audience

Business presentations are not one-size-fits-all. What makes one business presentation or marketing presentation successful with one group does not guarantee its success with another group. To be successful in public speaking, you must tweak each presentation to suit your audience; otherwise, you may lose your audience from the moment you start speaking. Make it a point to understand your audience ahead of time so that you can best prepare your marketing presentation or business presentation to meet the needs of the audience. A serious financial presentation will warrant a very different style than one geared towards creative directors.

Assess your goal

Understand the goal of your business presentation and ask yourself if you are meeting that goal based upon the material that you plan on sharing with your audience. Often times, in the midst of public speaking situations, we quickly lose sight of the overall goal of the marketing presentation. If you need to, keep an outline of your speech close at hand so that you can quickly get back on track if you find your speech straying from its goal.

Use examples and visual aids

A marketing presentation or a business presentation just doesn't provide the impact as a presentation with visual aids. Use photographs, overhead projectors, charts, graphs and power point presentation to reinforce your business presentation. Visual aids will always grasp your audience's attention and draw them into your business presentation.

Keep it simple

Your audience wants you to understand your business presentation topic, but they don't want you to spend your time spouting off difficult-to-understand concepts and ideas. Instead, keep your marketing presentation simple and easy to understand and follow as to keep your audience's interest at all times. Spending your time convincing your audience that you have a good, working knowledge of your topic will only result in a bored audience and a failed business presentation.

Maintain eye contact

Connecting with your audience means maintaining eye contact throughout the room. Don't stare at the back corner, the floor, your notes, or the ceiling. Instead, make steady eye contact with your audience member. The rule of thumb in public speaking is to keep eye contact with one individual per sentence; you don't want to dart your eyes around too quickly, as this may frame you as uncertain or shifty.

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