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Why Can It Be Difficult To Buy Travel Insurance For Seniors?

Even though we are healthier and fitter than ever, the possibility of needing medical assistance when traveling increases with age. Many senior people have some pre-existing medical conditions. Most of that will though not affect their ability to travel or their enjoyment of traveling, but it means somewhat increased risk of needing medical assistance while away from home.

This is why many insurance companies do not offer travel insurance for senior citizens over certain age, or they charge higher premiums and exclude many common pre-existing medical conditions.

This has made it difficult for some seniors to obtain adequate insurance cover, especially those with some pre-existing medical conditions. Seniors in good health tend to have more luck in finding adequate travel insurance for seniors, but they might still have to pay premium rate for it.

However, more and more insurance companies have realized that healthier lifestyles and medical advances mean that age on its own is not necessarily the major risk factor as it once was. Each individual is different so the health in general and the strenuous level of the trip is by some insurance companies now considered as, or even more, important.

This has lead to increased supply of travel insurance over 65. Therefore, as long as your trip is considered suitable for your general level of health you should be able to find suitable insurance cover whatever your age is.

It is a good idea to get a green light from your doctor prior to booking any trip, i.e. get your doctor opinion if the trip is suitable with your health condition in mind. You should also get all treatable health issues taken care of prior to looking for travel insurance.

Insurance companies that provide cover for any pre-existing medical conditions will usually require some form of medical screening prior to quoting a price. They are likely to value favorably that you have had recent doctor's appointment and received positive feedback about your travel plans.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Unless your insurance company excludes all pre-existing medical conditions then it is likely that you will have to go through some kind of a medical screening prior to getting a quote from them. This can be done over the phone but if you buy travel insurance online it might be done by filling in a form on their website.

Pre-existing medical condition is any condition or illness that you were suffering from at the time you bought the travel insurance, or had suffered from previously. Cancer, diabetes and heart conditions are all examples of pre-existing medical conditions which can affect the cost or eligibility of coverage.

Pre-existing medical conditions are normally excluded from medical claims unless they have been declared and underwritten accordingly. This is why it is vital to declare all pre-existing medical conditions. You are not covered if a pre-existing medical condition flares up and you did not declare it... it is as simple as that.

It is a risk not worth taking, no matter what age you are. It is not only costly mistake to make, it can be a dangerous one when buying travel insurance for seniors as they are statistically more likely to have some kind of pre-existing medical condition.