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Redesigned $100 To Be Released In October

Redesigned $100 To Be Released In October

The Federal Reserve announced the newly redesigned $100 bill will enter circulation in the fall of 2013. This will be the last denomination to be redesigned after the $5, $10, $20 and $50 received updates starting in 2003. The first bill to be redesigned was the $20 which received color shifting ink as one of its security features.

The redesigned $100 bill was supposed to enter circulation in February 2011 but a delay was announced in December 2010 after manufacturing problems developed relating to the 3-D blue security strip. The blue security strip is slightly larger than the underlying paper which created unexpected creases during production.

According to the Associated Press, the 3-D strip incorporates thousands of tiny lenses which magnify underlying objects and makes them appear to move in the opposite direction when the bill is rotated. There is also a sizable golden inkwell next of Franklin's portrait which incorporates a hidden Liberty Bell.

Increased protection of the money supply has become more important as technology advances. Inexpensive color laser copiers have made counterfeiting easy for anyone to do. Some copiers are so sophisticated that a $20 bill can appear indistinguishable from only a few feet away.

The $1 bill is the only denomination in circulation not receiving a redesign. This is probably related to the cost that would be associated with printing and distributing the bill. It's low value is also a key factor which makes it less likely to be counterfeited.

The newly redesigned $100 bill is set to enter circulation starting October 8th while a public education effort will teach businesses and consumers about the new security features. Additional information about the redesign can be found at www.newmoney.gov.

Image by: stab at sleep