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Record Price For Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Record Price For Honus Wagner Baseball Card

One of the most highly sought after baseball cards of all time was sold for a record $2.1 million. Often referred to as the "Holy Grail" of baseball cards, the 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner once again proved its worth. The baseball card of Pittsburgh Pirate shortstop Honus Wagner was auctioned by Goldin Auctions in West Berlin, New Jersey for $2,105,770.50. Bidding started at $500,000 on Feb. 25 and was eventually sold to an unnamed buyer.

The record setting price was to be expected since there are reported to only be about 50 Honus Wagner T206 cards in existence out of the fewer than 200 that were produced. The card's rarity is said to be the result of Wagner ordering the American Tobacco Company to recall it after discovering it had been made without his permission. He apparently didn't like the smoking message it sent to children even though he smoked and endorsed cigars.

In a press release following the auction, Goldin Auctions owner, Ken Goldin said "To have surpassed the highest price ever paid for a baseball card at auction by nearly $500,000 is a spectacular outcome."

During the 2008 financial crisis the same card, referred to as the "Jumbo" version, sold for $1.62 million in its previous public sale.

The card's significance as a part of baseball history means it has its own display at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. The baseball card was produced as Wagner was in pursuit of a seventh batting title and looking to take the Pirates to their first World Series win.

Image by: Goldin Auctions