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Increase Home Value

Increase Home Value

When you're looking for your dream home you try to be picky if you don't want to make too many compromises in something you can live in for the next 5 to 10 years. Whether it's a new home or pre-existing structure, there will always be certain aspects that will appeal most to you like hardwood floors, new carpeting or recently redone landscaping. The same is true when selling your home so put yourself in prospective home buyers shoes and try to view the home purchase through their eyes. Hopefully by keeping the new owner in mind you will be able to make certain decisions which will positively impact the overall value of your home when putting it up for sale.

When it comes flooring there are two things you want to consider. You can go the easy route by installing tile or hardwood flooring or go the clean route by thoroughly cleaning existing carpet. If that isn't sufficient then you may want to consider replacing the existing carpet altogether. It should be fairly obvious when looking to place the home on the market whether the existing flooring is acceptable. Regardless of which option you go with you want the flooring to look like it is in brand-new condition which will be readily apparent when prospective home buyers walk into the home.

A common mistake home owners make is the consideration of what to paint various rooms or accent walls. When looking to sell, it is never a good idea to paint the room your favorite color for the simple reason that your favorite color is more than likely not going to be the new home buyers favorite color as well. All because you like bright purple doesn't mean it's a good idea to paint the bedroom or hallway this color. The best option, because painting helps in drawing eyes around the home, is to go with neutral and earth tone-based colors.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all improvements should not be limited to the inside of the house. The outside landscaping is the first impression a prospective home owner is going to have when an agent brings them up to the property. Any improvements such as pulling all weeds, trimming all bushes and replacing any dead spots in the yard will help make the home more presentable and give it curb appeal. In the summer, even though flowering plants tend not to last very long, it would be worthwhile to purchase a number of small expensive flowering plants to help add splashes of color to the front of the house. Taking the steps can make an old house look new again.

This may sound like common sense but you might be surprised at the number of home owners who don't take this step; clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom. While it may be unimaginable that a home seller would leave dirty bathrooms and dirty dishes in the kitchen it tends to happen more often than it should. Needless to say when perspective home owners walk around a dirty house it is going to be a very short walk which won't result in a sale. Diligent prospective buyers will do a white glove test to see how serious the current resident is actually looking to sell.

One of the primary spaces in a home is often the kitchen so it is highly recommended that any upgrades and renovations be conducted there first. The second most popular place to renovate are the bathrooms since they are very easy to upgrade and since they are small spaces it can be fairly inexpensive. Replacing cabinets and ripping out old linoleum while adding splashes of paint can make an old dingy bathroom or kitchen seem new again. Be sure to also hang clean towels and put in a fragrant candle or a new green plant. It will properly present these areas and really make them pop upon presentation.

While it doesn't take a significant amount of time or money to increase the value of a home it does take a concerted effort and willingness to put yourself in a prospective home buyer shoes. Cleaning the house thoroughly, touching up with leftover paint and getting the landscaping in tip top shape will go a long way to making your house best of the best when compared other homes for sale in your local area. Much like the Golden Rule of treat people the way you want to be treated so it goes for increasing the value of your home. Sell a home you would like to buy because everyone wants to purchase their dream house not someone's dingy and dreary used home.

Image by: Photo Dean