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Using In-Store Coupons at Any Store

Using In-Store Coupons at Any Store

In-store coupons are an often-neglected source of valuable savings. Bargain hunters might enjoy scanning sales circulars for nearby grocery stores to find good deals each week, but in order to fully maximize your potential for savings, you also need to use in-store coupons.

Weekend-Flyer Tunnel Vision

Usually savvy shoppers look forward to the coupons that arrive with the weekend newspaper (and even savvier shoppers partake in online coupon stores or coupon trading clubs). The manufacturer coupons obtained by such methods can definitely be a valuable way to save money, but to further increase your savings you should utilize in-store coupons as well.

In-store coupons are sometimes available in the sales circular at your favorite grocery store or they can be obtained via home mailings if you live within the grocery store's mailing region. Some stores also provide in-store coupons throughout the displays in the store and at the checkout counter when your receipt prints. However, just because a coupon is distributed by a certain store, it doesn't mean that's the only place the coupon is good at.

Competition is fierce in some areas, and it is not unusual for one supermarket chain to honor the in-store coupons of another supermarket chain. This is where the real savings begins to add up. If you have an in-store coupon for a specific product and that product happens to be on sale at another store, you could be in luck. Contact the store's customer service department to confirm if the store is accepting in-store coupons from the competitor. If they are, you can enjoy huge savings. Often, you will find that the retail price at a competitor might be even lower than if you had used the coupon at the store that issued it because the issuing store can temporarily raise their prices on the items for which they offered coupons.

Image by: Angela Mabray