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Keeping Your Auto Insurance Premiums In Check

Keeping Your Auto Insurance Premiums In Check

You have to know that there are several factors that affect car insurance rates. Your driving history, credit history...heck, even your marital status affects these rates. Something that might not make you entirely happy, but it's the truth and it's there. So how you go about car insurance the smart way and keep those premiums in check? Here's how:

Keep and maintain a clean driving record

That's right. The most obvious to some, but overlooked at the same time. What does maintaining a clean driving record even mean? Driving when sober, not exceeding speed limits, not texting/talking on the phone while driving and making it a point to not violate traffic rules. Take a defensive driving class, if need be. Not only does this help you learn how to be a cautious, safe driver, but there are some companies who offer discounts to those who enroll in this course. How's that for a good enough reason, eh?

Pick your car wisely

This is important because you have to know that there are some models of car that are just more prone to theft than others. And you ought to know that these aren't necessarily the expensive, luxury cars; but also sometimes older cars, spare parts of which that can't be found as easily. Do your research well. Find out about the cars that are higher risk of theft and try to buy one that is less prone to theft.

Think about the purpose of driving your car

Do you only use your car to drive to work and back? Do you usually just use public transport and drive your cars very less? Is your car only used over the weekends and holidays when you're back from school? If so, you might want to look into getting a low mileage discount. This discount is offered to people who drive less frequently. The logic is simple- the less time you spend driving on the road, the lesser your chances of meeting with an accident.

Review your coverage

It makes no sense to carry collision and comprehensive coverage on a car older than 10 years. With time, the value of your car depreciates and if you do the math, you'll realize that the cost of repairing damages to such cars might actually exceed the total value of the car. Are you willing to take that risk? Also, think carefully about who you'd like to your policy. You should know that adding a high risk driver on your policy will most likely drive up your insurance rates or AARP auto insurance quotes. Always review your policy annually. As life changes, so do your insurance rates. Watch out for these changes, keep your insurance company informed of these changes and make sure the coverage you carry is up-to-date.

Bundle home and auto insurance

Bundling home and auto insurance might actually result in lowered premiums. Some insurance companies offer discounts to those people who bundle their auto and home insurance. So if you're looking to insure both, know that you could very well get a discount for doing so!

Car insurance is a matter of making smart moves. Act wisely and you'll be glad you did!

Image by: Diana Schnuth