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How To Get Auto Insurance If You Do Not Own A Car

How To Get Auto Insurance If You Do Not Own A Car

It is common for individuals to need auto insurance even in situations where they do not own a car. For most individuals it may not seem necessary to have auto insurance without owning the title on a vehicle. After a little reflection however you remember when you were a teenager or you had to rent a vehicle for work. These are a few of the situations where someone may need auto insurance coverage on a temporary basis on car you do not own.

A common scenario is when a teenage driver get a summer job to save up for their first vehicle. Many parents will negotiate a deal to purchase the vehicle of their choice while providing a certain amount down. In these situations, the vehicle title may be under the parent's name but the teenage driver is responsible for monthly payments and auto insurance. What commonly happens is the parent will add the teenage driver to their own auto insurance policy to provide coverage allowing their teenager to drive legally. At some point in the future the title will be transferred to the teenage driver and they will then own the car and also may be required to purchase their own individual auto insurance policy.

In many circumstances, especially in large cities, individuals may need to borrow a vehicle temporarily for certain activities but may not want to purchase a vehicle outright. In these cases, someone can purchase what is called a "non-owner policy" which provides auto insurance coverage without having to be added to someone else's auto insurance policy or purchasing rental car insurance. If you're continually borrowing a family member or friend's vehicle then a non-owner policy may be the right choice as it will provide auto insurance coverage without actually owning a vehicle.

Once you have decided to get auto insurance even if you don't own a car the question is who will you buy the insurance from and for how much. At this point you will contact national auto insurance companies as you normally would to get quotes and to explain your situation as it may affect coverage or premium costs. There are many Internet related websites which offer aggregate comparisons from multiple auto insurance providers. Once you sign up for an auto insurance policy you will provide the same information whether you own a car or not such as a drivers license number, personal information and a telephone number. Fill out and sign the documents provided by the auto insurance company along with making payment to get coverage.

As you can see, anyone is able to get auto insurance even if you don't own a car but it may require a little more effort as well as slightly higher premiums due to the unique circumstances. If you have any questions call the 800 numbers provided for various national auto insurance companies as they will be more than happy to answer your questions and guide you in the direction to get auto insurance. The hope is that once you get auto insurance, regardless of whether or not you own a car, your situation may change in the future and you will continue to purchase full auto insurance in addition to other value-added offerings and become a lifelong customer.

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