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Do I Need Credit Repair?

We are frequently asked by people to telling them how to figure out if they should try and fix their credit or if they should consult attorneys who deal with credit repair. Well, there are some cases in which credit repair fixing will only need your skills and some information and afterwards you can do the repair yourself. But there are some cases in which help will be more than needed and then you will have to consult somebody who can provide you with this help to get your credit repaired. So when these cases are and what do they imply?

1. If you want to have something, then you should know what is the thing that you need. You can browse the Internet and find free credit reports; then, you can print one out. It will be much easier to have your credit report printed that to try and make it on the computer. Once the credit report is printed, you can start the diagnostic process, that is, get a pen of other color that black and begin.

2. For the beginning, make sure that your personal details such as name, birth date, social security number and your address match the data on the credit report. If you notice something that is wrong or unusual, you should circle the detail with your pen. If any of the personal data is wrong, be careful, because the credit report might have been associated with another person's credit report. It could either affect or help your credit score, but keep in mind that it might not be yours.

3. If everything is right with your personal data, you should next circle the accounts that are in collection or have been delinquent. These can be called credit score killers; well, they obviously affect your credit score. You should circle these to figure out how many of them are affecting you.

4. Finally, you should start circling any account having a balance with more that 33% of what you have as the credit limit. This balance limit is very useful and you should know how many entries of this type you have, because they also affect your credit score.

Since at this point you have all the red circles you need on the credit report, you should start analyzing the sheets. It depends on the information you obtain where you should categorize your credit report and how should you deal with it. There are three main categories.

The first one includes the repair that you will do it by yourself. If the information that you have circled concerns some of your personal data or delinquent accounts, the repairing may as well be liable to be done by you. You may ask the credit bureau yourself to clear the information that is odd or wrong.

A second category is about the credit repair services. This category will suit you if you think that you do not have the necessary time to try and work on your credit repair. Then, you may take advantage of credit repair services. They usually range from 30 to 100 dollars per month. This depends on each and every case. Your credit will be repaired within a period of six months up to a year and they get the job done without the necessity of your effort.

The last category implies the help of credit repair lawyers. They can effectively use the law concerning credit repairs and they can put some weight on the situation so derogatory items can be fixed in no time. This option is very good and useful in case some account lenders have made some errors in reporting or/and the companies deny working with you in order to fix these errors. An attorney will certainly help if this is your case. Also, an attorney makes things look threatening for the companies in case they do not want to listen to you, so with the help of a lawyer, your situation is going to be handled properly.