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Budgeting For the Future

Budgeting For the Future

If you are serious about investing and saving for the future then you may need to make a few changes in your life style. Budgeting for the future is having the mindset that you need to do things now to obtain the lifestyle you wish in the future. If you wish to have money to invest, you need to first work on obtaining that money. That may mean that your will need to create a budget and make sure you have the available money. There are too many people merely living for today. They are short changing their future by trying to have everything.

The first step in saving for the future is to understand what is happening today. Where is your money going? Does it seem that right before payday, you are simply out of money, but do not really know what happened to it? Start today and begin to keep a record of where your money goes. You may start by playing a game with yourself. Start today and put down on paper where you think your money is spent. Then keep a record, and find out how close you are to your predictions. After you know where your money goes, you are now in a position to make some changes.

Perhaps you are like the Federal Government and most of your money is tied up in paying off your deficit. Decide today that you are better than them. You can pay down your deficit. Take a look at the loan that is closest to being paid off. Work on paying that loan off. After that loan is paid off, put the money for that loan to work for you and pay off another loan. Do this until you have paid off your debts. You must be very careful in your mindset. Think positively about how it will feel to have your debts paid off. Visualize yourself being debt free. Then make it happen. Another suggestion is to get rid of your credit cards. These are what may be causing your downfall. If you must have a credit card, then get rid of all but one card, and watch carefully how you use that one card.

At the same time of each year, revisit your expenses. Work on reducing your expenses by 5 - 10 percent. That is what businesses do. You can do the same. By reducing your expenses you will create more money to invest.

Watch out for lifestyle inflation. Just like the Federal Government, we all inflate our lifestyle to fit the amount of money we have. If we get a raise, we increase our spending. Do not do it. Have the discipline to say no to those additional things that you think you must have. You have lived without them, so why do you need them now. Unless it is something that is absolutely necessary for your survival, you do not need it.

Be willing to take a chance. Prepare the steps now to budget for the future. You will find that it is a good feeling to be in control of your life. Once you have money to invest, you can begin to look at ways to make your money work for you. Too many times, by going into debt for our desires, we make our money work against us. Make the decision today that you are determined to get out of that rut.

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