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5 Ways To Save Money On Transportation Costs

5 Ways To Save Money On Transportation Costs

Everything is getting more and more expensive and anything that can be done to reduce transportation costs will help financially. Basic car maintenance and keeping the vehicle clean are suggestions most drivers know about but there may be other ideas you are not aware of like alternate driving patterns. Below are a few ideas you may find useful to lower transportation costs and save some money.

1. Don't pay too much for gas. While the website GasBuddy.com can tell you exactly which gas station in your area has the cheapest fill-up, this does you no good if you wait until you're riding on fumes to refuel. Plan ahead for your fill-ups and you'll be able to save money by shopping around. Bonus tip: use a gas rewards credit card only if you pay it in full each month!

2. Make sure you're getting the best deal on insurance. Anyone who watches television or listens to the radio knows that you can save money with different insurance carriers. InsWeb.com is a great website to let you compare insurance quotes side-by-side. Don't forget that many factors can affect your insurance rates, from marital status to age to credit history to employment. Find out what discounts you are eligible for, particularly if you have been using the same insurance for years. Finally, remember that you can get a discount on insurance if you bundle home or renter's insurance with car insurance.

3. Keep your car in optimum condition. Everyone knows that keeping tires properly inflated and the engine well-tuned will reap gas savings. But keeping your car clean can also help. If you regularly leave heavy items in your trunk, that can lower your mileage. Spending an afternoon cleaning out your car will improve your car's efficiency and make you feel better about your daily commute.

4. Change your driving patterns. Carpooling is an obvious way to save, but there are plenty of other behavior changes you can make to improve the bottom line. Save all of your errands to run on one day of the week, rather than spread out throughout the week. It will save you money and time, and you can even map out your stops to be as efficient as possible. Another possibility is to examine your commute, and decide if it is the best way to get to and from work. Oftentimes we get into a driving habit without examining if it really is the best option. Also, if you can change your starting and ending times for work, you can avoid rush hour traffic and make for a more efficient and less frustrating commute. Finally, try driving steadily at the speed limit. Generally, cars are most efficient between 50 and 60 miles per hour. The greater the speed, the greater the air resistance, costing you efficiency. In addition, staying at a steady speed rather than continually accelerating and braking will help your engine do its job more efficiently. And that equals more cash for you.

5. Don't drive so much. The best way to save money on transportation costs is to not rack up the costs. Take the bus or ride a bicycle to work. If that is simply not feasible, choose one day a week to leave the car in the garage. You might be surprised at some of the wonderful things you'll find in your own neighborhood when you're not speeding past it in a car. Go to the park; meet the neighbors; explore the local merchants. All of those are more possible if you give your trusty ride a regular rest.

Image by: Karin Dalziel