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Learn Trading Tips From Paper Online Trading

I would recommend the use of the online trading games available. You can trade for free and practice your trading strategies. One of the games I have found is known as Wall Street Survivor. I was impressed enough with this game that I have posted it in our Blog section. I wanted to tell you a little more about this game.

You begin with $100,000 in three accounts, these being the stock contest, permanent stock portfolio and options contest. The trading month begins on the first of the month and the trading week begins on the first trading day of the week. You can make whatever trades you want and even make after hours trades which will be initiated at the beginning of the next trading day. You have the capability of trading on margin or doing short sells. The monthly prizes are $500 for first place, $250 for second and $100 for third. They also have other prizes down to 10th place. The weekly prizes are $150 for first place and other prizes down to 5th place.

You can trade for free and still win but there are other packages you may purchase that will enhance your chances of winning due to increased trading benefits such as non-delayed trades and additional information. Whether or not you decide to sign up for these additional packages is up to you. Maybe it would be worth it to sign up for a monthly subscription and see how it works for you. If it enables you to win the first place prize, it may be worth it.

One additional package I thought was really neat was the Spy feature. You can choose to spy on other traders and what they are doing. This will serve two purposes. You will be able to possibly pick up an advantage on other players due to being able to learn from the top traders. The more important thing I see from the spy feature is that you can increase your investing knowledge. By spying on the thinking of top traders, you will learn what to do when you choose to trade in real life. Once again, this may be worth trying for at least one month to see if it is a valuable service for you.

Another neat learning feature that is available is being able to pick trading ideas from three different top traders. They give you their suggestions on what stocks to pick. You can choose to evaluate these stocks and why they are being suggested. This will also serve to help you in your real life trading strategy since you can learn from the top guns.

There are other neat news articles, trading strategies, investing tips and other ideas which come with your subscription to the Wall Street Survivor. You do not need to pay for these tips so signing up for this account is valuable for just these ideas. I really think that if you are serious about learning how to make money investing that you should strongly consider signing up for this game. It can't hurt and you may pick up some good stock tips and maybe some money.