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4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Gas

4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Gas

Gas prices are so high that buying fuel for a car is starting to cut into the budgets of most Americans. A gallon of gas is around $4 here in Houston, TX and it just seems to keep rising. Fuel conservation has to become a priority to a ton of people if the increase in sells of hybrids around here is any indication. Let's take a look at a few ways to reduce your need for gasoline on a weekly basis.

Tips to Save Gas #1 - Carpooling

You can reduce the need to fill up multiple times a week by carpooling with other drivers. Try checking around the office to see if any workers are already riding together to work. If so, maybe they would have room for you too. If there is none, you can start your own carpool.

If that is a bust too, various web sites can help you find other people that live near you and also work with you that would like to carpool too. You can drive and get contributions for gas, be a passenger and toss in some money, or alternate and simply both save on some trips. You could save money on gasoline and may even get to use your city's carpool lanes.

Tips to Save Gas #2 - Telecommute

Telecommuting is becoming an option for many government and private company employees. My company doesn't allow it, but many other companies have started seeing the benefits. Employers are allowing workers to work from home a few days a month, which means less driving and dealing with traffic. Everyday that you work from home is a day that you don't have to fill up your car.

Tips to Save Gas #3 - Use Cruise Control

Most cars built today come with cruise control as a standard option. Take advantage of cruise control when on highways, freeways, and expressways to save money on gas. Your car will maintain a constant speed, which uses less gas. Accelerating burns gas at a much faster rate than just coasting on cruise control. This option will not work for morning commutes in stop and go traffic like mine, but you can keep it in mind for vacations and weekend trips.

Tips to Save Gas #4 - Unload the Weight

Did you know that your car uses more gas when it carries more weight? Your fuel mileage is actually worse if your car is packed down with heavy items in the back seat and trunk. I didn't actually buy into this until I finally dropped off a few bags of clothes to Goodwill and removed the dog kennel from my back seat - I increased my miles per gallon by about 10% overnight!