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12 Tips to Save on Home Remodeling

12 Tips to Save on Home Remodeling

Remodeling a home can be an expensive undertaking sometimes costing as much is $20,000-$30,000 depending on the type of remodel. Ideally, homeowners would be able to handle all kitchen or bathroom remodels on their own but sometimes help is needed. There are numerous ways to save money on both construction supplies and labor and the following are some of the best tips to save money during home remodeling.

1. Don't Finance

Whenever possible, don't finance a home remodel but instead save up over a period of months or years in preparation. The additional expense from finance charges can add thousands of dollars to a remodel and make it less beneficial when selling the home.

2. Be A Laborer

Having trained professionals cleanup a job site can add hours of additional expense to a remodel. If you're able to negotiate a lower price by doing cleanup yourself, then it makes sense to hall away debris and let the professionals do the real work.

3. Take Your Time

Deals on home appliances and cabinets and countertops don't happen everyday so it makes sense to buy these items when an opportunity presents itself. Storing great deals until you're ready remodel can be a great way to save thousands of dollars.

4. Do The Simple Stuff

Painting and sanding drywall are tasks most homeowners can do themselves with a little patience and focus on attention to detail. For example, installing insulation is something that is easy to do and video tutorials are available online to cover specifics techniques.

5. Schedule Your Expenses

Durable goods and labor is seasonal just like everything else. Less construction is done in colder months and better deals can be found on certain building materials. Less construction also happens during the winter which means more available laborers and increased competition leads to lowers prices.

6. Don't Overbuild

Keep a budget in mind when handling a home remodel as some remodeling tasks have a higher return on investment than others. Create a budget and stick to it to make sure you're not installing travertine tile and radiant floor heating in an entry-level tract home.

7. Bid On Materials

Sometimes certain construction materials can be purchased at private or state auctions from companies that fail or goods that have been seized from legal judgments. Depending on what you're looking for, you may be able to buy certain materials for pennies on the dollar.

8. Avoid Costly Construction

If a remodel requires removing load-bearing walls or rerouting plumbing then maybe it's best not to remodel at all. Completely evaluate and understand the type of remodel you're doing and avoid costly construction mistakes halfway through the process.

9. Use Salvage Materials

Construction is a multibillion dollar industry but inevitably there is a certain level of waste where perfectly good materials are discarded. Craigslist.org and Freecycle.org both have free sections which may provide access to construction material.

10. Remodel Around Deals

Being flexible during a home remodel project can not only lowers stress but can also save thousands of dollars. You may find a great deal on cabinets or floor tile you hadn't considered which may alter a remodel for the better while saving money.

11. Train Yourself

Many homeowners higher trained workers to do fairly basic tasks out of fear of the unknown or lack of training. Many professionals will often charge for consulting while you do the manual labor yourself. If you're a do-it-yourself type willing to take risks it sometimes pays to learn a new skill set.

12. Buy Your Own Supplies

Many contractors will charge for materials and labor but will mark up the materials they purchase and then use on a project. Ask if you're able to pay for the construction materials directly from the supplier or if they will provide receipts to prove material costs.

Image by: 10thLife