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Simple Marketing Ideas For A Small Business

Simple Marketing Ideas For A Small Business

Small businesses are no longer limited to radio and television spots or hoping for a positive write up in a local newspaper. Technology has made advertising more cost efficient and has created new possibilities that didn't exist in the past. While humor and entertainment have always been an essential part of the advertising experience, new models have democratized access and minimized costs for small businesses everywhere. The following are some of the more creative marketing ideas available when promoting your small business.

TV Show Tie-Ins

Netflix, Hulu, cable and broadcast television have become even more popular in recent years. Fans often don't just watch a show but actively promote it and talk about it on various social networks. If a big event is coming up on a reality TV show or a popular cable show is trending like there's no tomorrow then try to incorporate the show or its themes into your marketing material. Cross branding has become much more popular and is expected by consumers due to numerous movie tie-ins.

Advertising Specials

Often referred to as tchotchkes, specialty items used specifically for advertising purposes can make a company more memorable than a 15 second commercial. There are literally thousands of different specialty items available for small businesses which can complement your existing marketing and advertising campaigns. This may also work well with a TV show and movie tie-in promotions if the right theme can be combined with the right specialty product to target potential customers and hopefully increase sales.

Internet Newsletters

Fortunately, e-mail spam has been on a steady decline over the years thanks in part to the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act passed by Congress. Unsolicited high-volume e-mails maybe on the way out but that doesn't mean you cannot actively promote your business by electronic means. A great way to do this is to create a Internet newsletter where visitors sign up to receive daily information. Make it clear that their e-mail may also be used for promotional purposes in addition to the newsletter. As long as consumers are in control of their communications then this tends to have a positive impact on developing consumer relationships and promoting your small business.

Throw a Launch Party

Launch events have become a mainstay in the technology sector for the last few decades. They are used to build hype and foster consumer awareness of new products. There's nothing to say that this technique is only for big multinational companies. If you have an exciting new product then use all available means like newspaper write-ups, newsletters, website co-sponsorships, countdown clocks, teaser trailers on YouTube and anything else you can think of just as if you were Apple or Microsoft. Then on the night of the event have press coverage and free samples so everyone in town and online is talking and writing about your exciting new offering.

Online Interactivity

There is a term used on popular websites which is referred to as "stickiness." This describes a website's ability to capture a visitor's attention and keep them engaged for extended periods of time. Facebook is well-known for having one of the highest stickiness factors around. Facebook users will often spend hours on average reading timelines and playing games. Add specific online interactivity to your Internet presence to increase visitor retention. As every business knows, the longer you can engage a customer the more likely they are to turn into a sale. The right interactivity on your website can be your salesperson when you're not there.

Image by: Matt Armstrong