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Save Money on Your Broadband Internet Bill

Save Money on Your Broadband Internet Bill

It's no secret that consumers have reacted to recent economic uncertainty by tightening their belts and getting much stricter with their utility budgets. At the same time, however, internet prices seem to have gone up as demand has increased and speeds have accelerated. With a few simple tips, you can manage to save money on your internet bill even as prices continue to rise for this essential service.

Know Your Usage

There must be something in human nature that is simply averse to limits, and that means many people overpay for their internet connection. The increasing number of caps on internet services are often shot down by consumers as a way to overcharge customers and force them to upgrade their plans, but that simply is not the case for most internet users.

Know how much broadband you use each month, and purchase a plan with a cap that fits your demands. This way, you'll only be paying for the two gigabytes you're using, instead of for ten gigabytes that go largely unused each month. Your bill will go down, and your budget will go up. That's a good mix!

Bundle Your Services

One of the best ways to save money on your internet bill each month is to bundle your internet service with the same company that provides your television and digital phone services. Internet companies are always looking for ways to retain customers and them to stay under their own "service umbrella," so they'll offer savings that can range between ten and thirty percent each month for customers who bundle.

Comparison Shop

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book: look at the price you're currently paying for internet service and then compare it to each of the broadband service providers in your area. A good broadband comparison site will show you the monthly price of a broadband connection with each company, as well as any special offer they're currently giving new customers and any additional ways to save (such as bundling). It's a great way to make sure that your current provider hasn't sneakily raised your rate or begun overcharging you in the face of your good payment record and complacency in seeking the best deal.

Think About a Contract

It's not the most ideal of situations, as most anyone prefers being able to cancel and change their internet service on a whim. However, signing up for a two-year service contract with your internet provider can save you a large sum of money over the course of your time with that company. That's because providers who sign customers to contracts know they can count on that particular revenue stream for the duration, lowering their financial risk and increasing their profits. They'll gladly work with you and offer you a modest discount in order to have a guaranteed customer for a couple of years.


If you're not an internet "power user" - that is, you don't play online games or stream high definition video in your living room every night - then there's no need to pay for the top-tier broadband speed packages that cost a tremendous amount more than their lower-speed counterparts. Your email will still load quickly, even on a slower tier of broadband service.