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Should The Owner Of The Home Be There During A Home Inspection?

Should The Owner Of The Home Be There During A Home Inspection?

A homeowner is not required to be in attendance during the home inspection. Technically, the home buyer and realtor also do not need to be on site during the inspection but it is advisable so that issues being reported can be addressed and pointed out to the potential home purchaser. It is also recommended that the home buyer's realtor is available so that they can discuss possible negotiation tactics which may lead to a lower purchase price.

While the homeowner doesn't need to be available during the inspection it is still recommended because it shows a good-faith effort that they are willing to discuss any possible defects, either structural or cosmetic, at the time of the home inspection. This can go a long way to reassuring the prospective home buyer that the seller is serious about addressing any and all concerns that they may have. It may also assist the home inspector by answering any questions about when repairs may have been conducted and if they were done by a licensed contractor which also could affect the sale of the home.

At a bare minimum, it is in the home buyers best interest to be on site during the home inspection. A certified home inspector will let them walk around and follow the inspection process so the home buyer will be familiar with what may be a problem and where it is located. It is never a bad thing to be fully informed as much is possible when making such a large purchase. The more hands-on time with a residence and its quirks and problem areas will either reassure the home buyer or raise significant red flags leading them to avoid purchasing the home.

Thorough home inspection by a qualified and licensed home inspector normally takes no more than a few hours. If the home seller is serious about selling a home they would be better off to be available during the home inspection and answer any questions from the realtor or home buyer. Being proactive and working in good faith with a handshake and a smile can make the difference between a speedy sale to a happy home buyer or having your home sit on the market for a year or more.