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How Should You Prepare For A Home Inspection?

How Should You Prepare For A Home Inspection?

There really isn't anything to prepare for during a home inspection. This is due to the fact that home inspectors are not looking to see if dirty clothes are left out or weeds are pulled in the backyard. They are specifically looking for structural defects that may adversely affect a mortgage application approval, fail certain state and local government code requirements or cost the home buyer additional funds once the home is sold.

A certified home inspector has a thorough checklist of what qualifies as a structurally sound and properly working residence. The checklist includes such items as a stable foundation, a secure roof without leaking, plumbing which works correctly, central air functioning as expected and electrical outlets and fixtures which turn on and off. There of course are many other requirements which are looked at during a home inspection. A complete list can be found online if you would like a more thorough idea of what is covered should you be looking to purchase or sell a home.

In a severe economic environment with significant home foreclosures it may be more difficult or delay a home inspection. This is due to utilities being shut off more often than not. As such, it would be near impossible for a home inspector to thoroughly evaluate a residence if they are unable to turn on the heater or flush the toilets. Realtors, home buyers and home sellers should be aware of at least the basic requirements of a home inspection in terms of functioning utilities to make sure the inspector can complete their job successfully.

Be sure to ask questions during the home inspection process. Many home inspectors will offer suggestions based on prior experience on what tends to be a negotiable defect and what may be a requirement for the home buyer to purchase the home. This can help alleviate any complications and affect negotiations the more informed both the buyer and seller are about what needs to be fixed and what can be repaired or replaced at a later date. A home inspection is just another tool during a home transaction which aids all parties by keeping them fully informed which can avoid lawsuits and other complications at a later date.

Image by: Wally Gobetz