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Save Money By Buying Used Appliances

Save Money By Buying Used Appliances

Buying used can be a great way to save money but it requires patience and an understanding of what to look for to make sure you get a good deal. Whether it is a used car or pre-existing home there are certain rules to follow when buying used. Used appliances are no different and a little knowledge goes a long way.

Being prepared is the first step when buying used appliances because it helps you maintain focus on a few items you really want as opposed to picking up miscellaneous odds and ends. Major appliances such as a washer and dryer or a refrigerator should be the first items on the list. Doing research by consulting online retailers and looking at user reviews can help you narrow down which brands hold up the best over the long run. Reputation is key and some brands hold up better than others so stick to quality products and even if it's used it should still last a long time.

Consignment stores and second time shops are probably the easiest way to find used appliances. This is because they tend to have multiple items in one location which allows customers to test the appliance and provides greater selection. Some stores however will have a better selection than others and will be reflective of the neighborhood in which they're located. Buying used appliances from upper end neighborhood store will likely yield better results. Take note of various prices carefully when comparing similar models and brands as the smallest details can lead to hundreds of dollars in price differences.

Families are continually moving and will frequently try to sell large appliances before hand. It is usually in an effort to minimize shipping or because new appliances will be available at the new location. If you're lucky you can often find durable goods such as refrigerators in perfect condition with only one owner. Many appliances have lives of 20 years or more so a 5 year old appliance that was bought new and has seen limited use is the next best thing the new. In many cases the appliance may still be under warranty so this is a good question to ask as it can save you repair costs later on when you get it home.

The Internet has made finding used appliances easier than ever. Sites such as Craigslist will have used appliances show up in listings daily providing a great selection from multiple sources. Not only do individuals use the Internet to advertise appliances but so do retail outlets with scratch and dent inventory or returns. Many of these sites also have built-in communications or the poster will provide a phone number allowing you to ask questions and view pictures prior to driving to the location. This can save a lot of time and effort narrowing down the best deals all from the comfort of your living room and laptop.

Don't underestimate word-of-mouth either as many friends and relatives may either be looking to unload their used appliances or know somebody who is. Just posing the question to someone you know about buying a used dishwasher or refrigerator will sometimes lead to great deals from people you trust. Keep in mind that it's best to get hands-on time with the appliance in question prior to putting cash down to protect yourself. If you take your time and wait for a good deal in good condition then buying used appliances can save money and result in great purchases.

Image by: pam Morris