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How to Qualify for a Debit Card

How to get a debit card is one of the frequently asked questions of the potential card users. In most cases a debit card is offered to the clients when they open a checking account with the card providing bank or other financial institution. The processing time for receiving a debit card is nearly two weeks.

More on How to get a Debit Card

The potential debit card users need to know the exact process of getting approved for a debit card. The answer of how to get a debit card starts with the description of a huge process that is followed for approving a debit card.

After completion of the requisite formalities like opening a particular account with the card providers, providing a number of other documents and so on, the provider carries out an investigation about the identity of the applicant. Finally, after successful completion of the process, the debit card is issued to the respective applicant.

The card holder is required to put his signature on the signature panel of the card just after receiving the same. This signature panel or strip is usually found in the backside of the debit card and is very useful in checking the fraudulent activities.

Choice of Debit Card PIN

The answer of how to get a debit card also involves information about the debit card PIN. These Pins implies personal identification number and the Cardholders can change the PIN according to his or her convenience and necessity. It is basically a code and should not be disclosed to everyone so that the card can remain protected from any kind of fraudulent activity.

Debit Card Loss

Safekeeping of one's debit card is very important. In case of loss of the debit card the cardholder needs to inform the bank as soon as possible about the loss. This is necessary for the prevention of one's money from being used by any unauthorized person.