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14 Ways to Save $5 This Week

14 Ways to Save $5 This Week

Two of the most popular New Year's resolutions are losing weight and saving money. After a month or so, most of us give up on these goals and revert back to our old ways packing on pounds and spending like there's no tomorrow. Changing established behaviors can be very difficult for most of us. It's better to make small adjustments here and there as opposed to tackling a big goal and feeling let down when you don't succeed. Let's take a look at some simple ways to trim five dollars each week to get the ball rolling.

1. Adjust the Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees up when it's hot and down when it's cold can easily save five dollars a week. The heater and cooler come on less often using less gas and electricity.

2. Eat In Tonight

Most consumers go out to dinner on average 6 to 8 times per month and many of us even more than that. The average cost of a meal is $15 so eating in just one or two nights a month can lead to significant savings.

3. Take a Lunch

Most families will have leftovers from making dinner. Instead of letting them get old in the back of the refrigerator, take a portion of that delicious meal to work.

4. Temporarily Stop Smoking

While it would be a better to quit smoking entirely, even taking a small break may mean not purchasing an pack of cigarettes. With the price of a pack pushing five dollars or more this not only saves money but will also result in better health.

5. Bike to Your Destination

Not all places across the country are conducive to biking. Many however have bike lanes and are bike friendly so if you live in one of these areas take advantage of the opportunity to see your area and get some exercise.

6. Clip Coupons

Fortunately, clipping coupons no longer has the stigma associated with it of 30 years ago. Saving money by clipping coupons is the hip thing to do. If you're going to buy a product anyway why not use a coupon

7. Save the Change

Instead of leaving change from your purchase on the counter or tossing it into the spare change holder, put it in a jar or can and check it at the end of the month. If you make a lot of small purchases you may be surprised how much money there is when you check.

8. Return a Christmas Gift

Many retail stores will accept unopened packages without a receipt if they are under a certain dollar amount. If you have a Christmas gift you don't want, find out where to return it to get cash instead.

9. Use an Internet Promotion

With social marketing in full swing many businesses advertise special deals and promotional offers to interested customers. If you would normally pay full price for a service, try waiting a 25% to 50% off online promotion instead.

10. Carpool a Few Days

Gasoline is consistently more expensive than it has ever been so sharing a ride with a coworker is just being smart. If you do this for a month and split the costs you should easily be able save the equivalent of five dollars per week.

11. Skip the Latte

Fancy coffees are delicious but they are also expensive relative to what you get. Many large coffees usually cost about five dollars so skipping one purchase per week means more money in your pocket.

12. Go to a Matinee Movie

There are some movies which should be seen in IMAX 3-D as soon as they drop but there are others which can be delayed until they hit the bargain matinee. Embrace the saying patience is a virtue which means saving money on entertainment

13. Skip the Snacks

Whether it's from a vending machine at work or from a shelf at the grocery store, avoiding one or two snacks a week will mean more dollars in your billfold and less pounds around your waist.

14. Say No to Delivery

Having a delivery person bring a meal right to your front door is nice but it also means providing a gratuity. If the restaurant is close then it may make sense to pick it up yourself and save the tip.

Image by: Morgan