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Google Keep Is Ready To Take Your Notes

Google Keep Is Ready To Take Your Notes

Google Keep is an online note taking service which uses Google Drive to store photos, make checklists, record voice notes and take down ideas. It competes directly with the likes of EverNote and similar applications but with the added benefit of being tied directly to Google services. Due to Google Drive integration it will sync a users notes across all devices from cellphone to tablet to desktop computer via web browser.

The Google Keep app is now available in the Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up. If you don't have an Android device you can also access Google Keep directly via a web browser from Google Drive with some minor hiccups. The Android app seems to work well and provides a lock screen widget for devices with Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and above.

Google Keep puts Android in line with the competition which has had built-in note taking functionality for some time. Apple's iPhone has built-in Reminders and Notes apps that can be accessed by Siri. The interface is reminiscent of Windows 8 live tiles maintaining a clean appearance with the ability to color code notes to a users liking.

A swiping motion left or right archives notes you no longer need but don't want to erase completely. At the top is a text entry field which serves as the main input for creating new notes. Tapping any part of a specific note will allow you to edit it instantly. The entire user experience is effortless and surprisingly simple yet powerful.

As per usual for Google applications, additional features will more than likely be added in future updates such as social media integration and more organization options. It is however one less feature competitors can point to as missing in current versions of Android.

Image by: Google