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Roku Hits 5 Million Units Sold Mark

Roku Hits 5 Million Units Sold Mark

In 2008, Roku launched its streaming media player with the goal to provide streaming video to the masses. Thanks to Netflix, its first available channel, and other partners there are now 5 million Roku players connected to TV's around the country. While Apple may have sold 10 million units of its Apple TV, it's no small feat for Roku given the highly competitive market and rapidly change technologies.

What makes Roku different is that it has always made offering as much content as possible a priority. It currently offers 750 channels which has resulted in 8 billion streams of video and music. Roku has also continued to sign up additional content partners by adding Amazon Video on Demand in 2009, HBO GO in 2011 and TWC TV in 2013.

Roku doesn't limit its selection to just video and music either. Casual games were also added in 2011 with Angry Birds being one of the most popular offerings to date. With both Netflix and Amazon On Demand being served through Roku boxes, momentum has been gaining recently. Averaging approximately 30,000 units sold per month after its launch in 2008, Roku has been selling 167,000 per month since January 2012.

What lies in the "set-top box that could's" future is a little more questionable. Rumors have been floating for awhile about Apple partnering with television makers to revolutionize TV viewing like they did with smart phones. Console manufactures Microsoft and Sony have also been heavily promoting their gaming systems as entertainment hubs. This is expected to ramp up significantly with their newer offerings in 2013 with the PS4 and not-yet-announced next XBox.

Image by: Roku