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How To Get A Free Credit Score Online

The credit score is a separate number from the free annual credit report that Federal law allows them to receive once per year from each of the credit reporting agencies. The credit score can often be as important then the credit report so being able to get the score for free can help when making certain financial decisions.

When obtaining the free annual credit report many of the credit reporting agencies will offer a credit score at the same time. It normally is not free at this point but can be purchased for a nominal fee of eight to ten dollars. Sometimes however, the agencies will also offer the score for free if the individual signs up for a limited trail offer of some service they are promoting. If the offer sounds interesting then that might be the right time to get the offer and the credit score at the same time.

Other web sites not affiliated with the credit reporting agencies will also offer limited time promotional services which may have better terms or features in addition to providing a free credit score. Be sure to thoroughly read the fine print to make sure there isn't an early cancellation penalty or other fee should you decide not to continue with the service after the trial period.

If you are applying for a mortgage or auto loan sometimes the organization will provide the credit report or credit score during the application process. This isn't a guarantee because they are under no obligation to provide this information but as they say in life, it doesn't hurt to ask. You may find out more people than not are willing to go over with you what they found especially if you are looking to buy a house or car from them.

In reality, you may also not need to know your credit score at all if these free options do not appeal to you. Usually, if your credit report is spotless then the corresponding credit score will be reflective of that fact. An individual with perfect credit such as no late payments, a low debt to available credit ratio and no black marks will often have no problem getting a loan and a great interest rate. It is easy to fall for the pitch of everyone should know their credit score but if it isn't free then it may not be necessary.

There are numerous avenues to obtain a free credit score online from many organizations. Some are easier than others and have more or less strings attached which will help you figure out if you want to go that route or not. Your credit score is a good thing in general to know but employment history, credit history and current debt to income ratios all determine the availability and rate of the credit you will receive. The credit score is a part of the puzzle but if you can't get it for free then don't worry about whether or not you know its value. Being financially responsible will be more important in the long run.