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How To Make Your Home Ready To Sell

How To Make Your Home Ready To Sell

Selling a home is all about curb appeal and maximizing your sale price. There are many different steps that can be taken with both interior and exterior of the house which can wow prospective home buyers. It doesn't take a lot of effort or a lot of money to make your home pop and stand out from the competition. From a manicured lawn to fresh cut flowers in a vase, the ideas are endless and only limited by personal creativity. Below are some ideas to help spruce up your home and get it ready for placement on the market.

  • Wash the house down completely on the outside to eliminate dirt and cobwebs which collect overtime. Sand and other debris will also collect in corners and a good hosing can make everything look new again.

  • If the house is more than 10 years old consider putting a fresh coat of paint on the outside. For a few hundred dollars and a weekend of your time you can make the house look as if it were just built.

  • Consider having one or more garage sales prior to the listing to help de-clutter the house. It's better to get rid of items now while you're trying to sell it so you don't have to move them with you later.

  • Go around the house inside and out and make any obvious repairs. This includes fixing damaged screens, replacing burned-out light bulbs, spackling dings and dents, and any other ancillary repairs.

  • While a little more expensive, professional home stagers can quickly revamp a property. It may be worthwhile if the additional cost can be recouped and they can enhance curb appeal.

  • Thoroughly clean the front and back yards by pulling weeds and trimming hedges. Consider planting flowers to add splashes of color.

  • Open all blinds and window draperies to let natural light flood the interior of the home. This not only allows prospective buyers to better see the layout but it also makes the space more inviting.

  • If you have carpet, consider having it professionally steam cleaned. This is also the time to remove excess furniture and sell it during the garage sale.

  • Remove any and all personal items including pictures, trophies, children's toys and anything sentimental. This is to help perspective home buyers envision themselves living in the residence.

  • Place potpourri in the living room, bathrooms and master bedroom. Also place fresh-baked cookies in the kitchen during open houses.

  • Consult with friends and family and your agent to consider any additional ideas on how to make your home ready to sell.

The goal for a home seller is to sell their house as quickly as possible for the maximum amount of money. Unfortunately, this is normally every other home sellers goal as well. In order to make your home stand out from the competition you will need to go above and beyond what is normally expected. Some of the above suggestions are obvious while others may be new to you. You may even consider clandestine operations to examine other top homes on the market. This will hopefully provide additional ideas and increase your chances of achieving your financial goals.

Image by: brian gautreau