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Homemade Food Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Homemade Food Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Weddings have become increasingly more expensive over the years and while you want to create memories that will last a lifetime most couples would prefer not to start their new marriage with excessive amounts of debt. The average wedding can cost anywhere from $15,000-$25,000. While many might say you can't put a price on happiness, not everyone can spend so extravagantly on their special day. There are however a number of ways to minimize costs with regards to food and catering which might help save money for a budget wedding.


If you have someone in your family or a close friend who loves to barbecue or grill then this can be an excellent alternative to full service catering. While it takes more preparation having three or so grills going, especially if they are of professional quality, they can feed a large number of people for minimal cost. This idea works especially well for weddings that are held outdoors or in a park as it can accommodate large amounts of people and combine the wedding ceremony and reception in to one.

Buffet Style

I know when I've gone to weddings I would've much preferred a buffet style arrangement rather than having individual food portions served to you at a table. Not only can you keep the supporting staff at a minimum, really just to clean tables, but you also allow guests to pick and choose what they want to eat. Staples such as chicken or meat can sit alongside vegetarian dishes and kid friendly selections. Depending on the buffet provided, it can also give more options at lower cost making for easier cleanup of the reception hall.


For smaller weddings set at more secluded or limited locations, a potluck is a great way for family and friends to help with the reception. A potluck is ideal when budgeting for weddings that don't scale up to larger ceremonies but are still suitable for a number of different occasions. Even if a couple gets married at City Hall and then has a get together at someone's house, a potluck can be an excellent alternative to renting out a restaurant or other venue.

Cake & Drink

When couples still want people they care about to participate in their special day but have little to no financial resources there is nothing wrong with a wedding cake and beverages. The idea that if you don't have 300 guests and spend $20,000 on your wedding that is not a "real" ceremony is insulting. There are many people who want to do their own thing with minimal fuss and costs but still share their time and love with people they care about. Spending money on a nice cake with a mix of drinks and some decorations is perfectly acceptable for low-key weddings with limited guests.


A budget wedding doesn't have to mean cutting out everything and filing for a marriage certificate. All it means is that you pick and choose the things that are most important and spend money on those and not $4,000 flower arrangements. Saving money on food, which can make up a significant portion of wedding costs, allows you to spend more wisely on other things like location or entertainment. A wedding is your special day and not someone else's. Do what you want and spend your money on things that matter and in the end you will be happy with the result.

Image by: Ismar Badzic