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8 Things You Should Always Buy Used

8 Things You Should Always Buy Used

Online classified websites like Craigslist.org allow consumers to sell many possessions significantly below what they initially cost and often with little wear and tear. Durable goods like washers and dryers and high-margin products like jewelry and athletic gear can be purchased for pennies on the dollar almost every day of the week. The following list includes items you should always buy used.

1. Furniture

A new living room set can cost upwards of $2,000 and bedroom sets are significantly more. Consumers purchase expensive furniture all the time which then quickly depreciates due to the initial high price. There are aspects to keep in mind when purchasing used furniture like sofas but desks and dining room tables are both durable and easily examined. Be patient and keep an eye out for many upper high-end pieces of furniture which can be purchased for 75% off or more as people move or upgrade their existing furniture.

2. Jewelry

There is a reason why jewelry salespeople work on commission and its because it is the highest margin consumer good available today. How else can you explain constant 75% off sales at department stores? It's because gold and silver jewelry is marked up hundreds of percent. Never pay full price for jewelry at retail. Let another consumer make the expensive purchase first and then sell it to you later for a fraction of its initial purchase price.

3. Cars

Everyone knows that vehicles depreciate the minute they're driven off a car lot. Used car dealers have been the basis of jokes for as long as anyone can remember but with new companies like CarMax this is no longer the case. Many dealerships offer certified pre-owned vehicles with multi-point inspections along with warranties to provide consumers with peace of mind. If you purchase a used vehicle from a private party be sure to have it inspected by an ASE certified mechanic first to protect your purchase.

4. Athletic Gear

Athletic gear and exercise equipment rarely get used by their owners and are sold often in pristine condition. Used tennis rackets, skis, golf clubs, free weights, exercise bikes and many other items lasts forever. As an individual's lifestyle changes, from getting a new job to getting married and starting a family, many activities they used to do become more difficult to find time for and investments in gear and equipment tend get liquidated as a result.

5. Houses

Purchasing a pre-existing home is preferential for some home buyers due to mature landscaping and additional negotiation opportunities. Pre-existing homes often cost less than new construction but there are also a few drawbacks which are important to mention. Outside of explicit warranties on roofs and foundations, all repairs on pre-existing homes are paid for by the new home owner. For the same reasons that many consumers purchase new vehicles, when purchasing a new home you don't have to worry if a water pipe breaks or floor tiles becoming loose.

6. Entertainment

Entertainment encompasses the three pillars of consumer purchases which are music, movies and video games. As more of these options go digital it will become more difficult to purchase any of them used. Until that happens however, there are copious amounts of CDs, DVDs and cartridges available for purchase both online and in person. It is not unheard of for individuals to own hundreds of music CDs and video games and at some point they will be looking to offload these on someone else. Given that millions and millions of these items have been sold over the years, they can sometimes be impossible to give them away.

7. Baby Items

Baby clothes and accessories by their very nature are of limited use for a very short period of time. Babies grow fast and items like onesies and baby bottles, which are still perfectly functional and in good condition, no longer serve their purpose. Ideally, you will have a friend or relative who's baby is now a toddler and is looking to offload all their baby gear. If that's not the case however, ask around since someone somewhere will be getting rid of something related to babies.

8. Tools

Tools related to automotive and construction will get worn out over time so purchasing any of these items used is risky especially if they have motors. It can be hard to tell how worn a tool is and whether or not it holds a charge of it is cordless or overheats if it is plugged in to an outlet. What is true however is that these types of tools are incredibly expensive and if you can find a great deal on slightly used equipment then act on it immediately.

Image by: Rebecca Wilson