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6 Ways to Get Things for Free

6 Ways to Get Things for Free

It seems like virtually everything costs money nowadays but if you know where to look you can still get things for free. Luckily the Internet has made it easier to interact with other consumers and companies looking to promote their businesses or products. This means you can get many things for free from the comfort of your home. Below are six of of the best ways to get products or services for free with little to no effort on your part. The no effort part is important because if you have to work for it then it wasn't free to begin with.

1. Craigslist.org

Craigslist.org is one the most popular online classified websites which does what newspaper classifieds, swap meets, flea markets and garage sales used to do. Posting a bedroom set you're looking to offload or the exercise bike you no longer need is as easy as taking a couple of pictures and writing a few lines of text. Many people however use Craigslist to post items they're giving away for free. Go to the local Craigslist section for your area then look under "for sale" for the category labeled "free". While you may not have the breadth of selection as you would when paying for something you never know what diamond in the rough you may stumble across.

2. Freecycle.org

The name says what it does and if you're into reducing, reusing and recycling then Freecycle.org should be your first stop online. A clean user interface makes it easy to find free items or services offered in your area. Signing up for the mailing list means notifications are sent to you every time something free is posted. Nothing is easier than checking your mailbox to see what new free items have become available that you might be interested in.

3. Swap.com

While not exactly free in the truest interpretation of the word the marginal expense by having Swap.com facilitate a transaction will normally be less than paying for gas to get something free at a person's house. If you've already tried one of the other websites to sell video games, books or movies with no success then swapping with someone else will still let you benefit from your worldly possessions.

4. Houseparty.com

For the most social among us who like get-togethers and gatherings, Houseparty.com can help turn your normal inclination into a sponsored event. Signing up costs nothing and many companies offer sponsorships by providing their own product or food services when having a party or other group activity.

5. Free Samples

Getting a free sample of some tasty hickory smoked thick cut bacon at your local grocery store is what most consumers have experienced at one point or another. This however is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free samples. Many companies incorporate product giveaways into their marketing budgets to grow brand awareness and increase sales. Signing up for mailing lists and newsletters will keep you abreast of product offerings from national companies.

6. Cash Rewards

Many credit card companies will offer cash rewards to incentivize consumers to use their credit cards for retail purchases. This is not a new practice and many consumers have already benefited from cash back or cash rewards such as frequent flyer miles or free gas. If you are going to use a credit card anyways to make a purchase why not make it work for you by getting something free in return.