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Tips on Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something most people have considered prior to leaving on a vacation, especially one that involves flying or overseas travel. However, I didn't think much about it when we visited a foreign country not too many years ago. I guess I thought my homeowners and medical insurance would take care of whatever came up. While I was right for the most part, there were a few items not covered.

For instance, if you plan to drive a car in a foreign country, you want to make sure you have appropriate coverage with your standard insurance company. For instance, if you were planning to visit Mexico, you should look into additional automotive coverage. The good news is that many American companies provide such coverage. Just remember that you will probably need to ask a few questions, at least looking into a liability insurance provider from Mexico when you cross the border.

I did some research on a few websites specific to information on car insurance needed in foreign countries. What I discovered is an actual warning that I should buy car insurance from a Mexican company or I could end up spending some time in jail for not having the proper coverage. Obviously, this should be enough incentive to spend a few extra dollars for the additional coverage, even keeping the Mexican authorities from impounding your vehicle.

It would also be a good idea to check your current auto policy to see what type of coverage you have when you drive in Canada. Most of the time, you would be covered, but it is always wise to look into this, just to make sure there aren't any unusual circumstances that could create a big problem later.

For destinations other than the United States and Canada, you would usually need to purchase additional insurance, especially with foreign rental car companies. Now, if you plan to travel overseas, let's say to Europe, then you would need to cross several national borders. Therefore, you need to make sure your insurance coverage applies to driving in all the countries where you plan to visit.