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Timeshare Vacation Rentals

Timeshare Vacation Rentals

Timeshare vacation rentals are an interesting aspect of timeshare properties because they allow individuals to see various resorts and stay in timeshares without having to own the timeshare first. Sometimes individuals will purchase a timeshare which can be good for 20 or 30 years or more but often don't have the ability or opportunity to take advantage of their two weeks every year. Instead of letting the timeshare go to waste these individuals will often rent out their timeshare to interested parties realizing some benefit from their investment.

More and more individuals are gathering together homeowners in vacation spots around the country and leasing these homes as vacation rentals. Since at the end of the day it really doesn't matter where the vacationing family is coming from they may consider staying at a vacation rental that is being sold as a timeshare and then swapping their weeks with their existing plan. This allows for freedom and flexibility for vacationing families or travelers to take advantage of resources that may have been off-limits otherwise either due to costs or limited availability.

In terms of whether or not this type of timeshare swapping is legal is usually related to the terms under which the property is maintained or provided to the purchasing individual. What this means is that if the property has a lease with the permission to sublet then you may be able to find another party to swap your week with if they're in a similar situation. A lot of vacation properties are being called timeshares but at the end of the day it only matters if you're able to stay in the location you want either by swapping timeshare weeks or by paying for those weeks out-of-pocket from someone who owns a timeshare or vacation rental.

Timeshares are different than staying at a hotel or other resort in significant ways. Often times, timeshares will have direct access to golf courses, swimming pools and other amenities. Since timeshare owners often frequent the same timeshare year-over-year then timeshare locals can often provide more insights and better guidance than staying at a hotel where every guest may be there for the first or second time. If you're planning on hitting a club and a restaurant, your selections may be limited to the hotel staff for suggestions but timeshare residents often have as much insight as those who have lived there their whole life.

Another nice aspect of timeshares is that the properties involved can often accommodate more than just two adults. Many timeshares are either small homes or town homes or at a bare minimum very large apartments. This is because they are targeted at families which want to have the same benefits of staying at home but with the ability to travel and see new locations. This may provide opportunities to get together with other small groups of friends to rent a large timeshare and split the costs. You may also know of friends or family who own a timeshare who may not be able to use it this season and are willing to let you use it for a nominal fee. Both of these scenarios are highly unlikely with a more traditional stay at a hotel or resort.

The Internet can be a wonderful place for timeshares regardless of whether you're looking to sell, buy, swap or form some other type of mutually beneficial trade. There are specific companies whose entire business model is based on the ability to connect timeshare owners with each other allowing them to swap their two weeks per year. You might like staying in Vegas but own a timeshare Orlando and someone else may own a timeshare in Vegas but want to stay in Florida. This scenario is exactly why there are timeshare swapping companies who connect individuals so they don't have to stay at the same resorts year in and year out.

Long since gone is the antiquated notion of having to pay $300 a night and get an expensive car rental and pay for expensive hotel food when looking to travel to a new scenic location or city. Timeshare vacation rentals provide wonderful opportunities for families and groups of friends to see the same sites and experience the same thrills as tourists with deep wallets. There are many reputable timeshare vacation rental companies and timeshare swapping agents which can help you get to your dream vacation spot with minimal expense and aggravation. Timeshares allow you to see the world as if you were doing it from the comfort of your own home.

Image by: William Cho