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How to Market a New Small Business

This tutorial is mostly focused on product offering small businesses; however it is not limited and will be helpful to any new and aspiring entrepreneur or a small start up. Taken together they can significantly impact the marketing effectiveness of any business but even individual improvements can have a net positive benefit. These are only a few of the main points for marketing a new small business.

#1 Demographics

First and for most and this cannot be stressed enough, know your demographics. This is the essential part in any business marketing strategy, if the time is dedicated to scrupulously follow through with this step you will be rewarded in the end. But if you fail and decide to skip this step most likely the advertising budget will be drained down the bucket and go to waste as the advertisement will be scattered all over the place and never reach the potential buyer.

#2 Five W's

Now, based on demographics figure the first of five W's, "Who" is known, the rest still need to be answered: Where, What, When, Why. Think about "Where" else a potential customer might shop and place the advertisement brochures or business cards accordingly. "What" are they attracted to, in my or other businesses, this can be advertisement, special promotional deals, product, etc. "When", signifies the time, when do customers shop, day, holidays, seasons, evaluate prior sales and see what the highest sales months is, to help with figuring when to put out a coupon or a special discount. Last but not least is "Why". Think as thought you are a customer, why should I shop at this store? All of these 5 W's will keep you on your toes!

#3 Advertisement

KISS-keep it simple stupid, just as stated keep the ad as simple and as catchy as you can. Take a final look and eliminate again, really, this helps to uncluttered the advertisement and make it visually presentable.

Coupons are a great way to increase sales, make sure to leave the expiration date out. People seem to favor the coupons without the expiration date and are more likely to use them in the future or pass it along to a friend.

The last tip is to print prices with caution; if the run is for 10k brochures think of how often the business changes prices and how fast will the brochures go out. However, if the run is for a specific product and only 1k if coupons are getting printed, then by all means go for it! The easiest way to keep track of coupons is to create a different code for each one to help analyze which layout of the ad is more effective. For the first time create 2 or 3 brochure layouts, make a small run of each to see which gets a higher return and reprint accordingly. Play around with this and make it fun, it is your business, enjoy it!

#4 Promoting & Networking

One thing that any SB owner should do is join the city's Chamber of Commerce, go and mingle with like minded people, do not forget to bring business card to pass out. Join as a member to receive complimentary invitations for breakfasts or lunches for all members and a spot of the website to promote your business. Imagine the network one can build at a meeting like that! Check out other local business gatherings on forums or social websites, there are tons of them available for FREE in every state.

Get as involved as you can in your community, volunteer you service or business products to schools, churches, participate in multiple fundraisers, sponsor a few socket teams, think deeper into what and who your product is associated with and go after those people if they are not coming to you.

Respect is the number one thing! If a meeting or an appointment is made, follow through with it. If the business requires phone sales, recognize and be considerate of people personal time and schedule. Do not call on a Monday afternoon and expect to get through, Mondays are very busy for most people. Going back to "When" think about when is my potential client will be available to talk to maybe send a letter about who you are and a little bit about the business, letting them know you will be calling to follow up. This will increase the chance of getting through to a potential client as you have a way in, "I had sent a letter to Mr. Doe, he is expecting my call." Creates and illusion of importance and it works!


Mind your own business and NEVER worry about what the competition is doing. Yes, of course do the research and figure out what you are up against, but keep your head in your own business and stay focused!