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How Complicated Is It To Sell A Home?

How Complicated Is It To Sell A Home?

Selling a home can feel like a fairly complicated process but as with most things in life the more prepared you are the easier it will be. There are many steps involved with selling a home such as dealing with buyer and seller agents, conducting a home inspection, staging the home and finalizing the sale paperwork. Once you've been through the process however it seems much less complicated but for the uninitiated among us let's give a brief rundown of the process for selling a home.

Once you have decided to sell your home the two most important aspects early on are setting a price and selecting a real estate agent. The starting point for determining the price is analyzing current market conditions and using an average price of corresponding houses. This will provide a rough pricing estimate and an additional analysis will have to be done to better target your sale price. If you have made significant improvements to the home or are in an ideal location that can increase the price of the property. Selecting a qualified licensed real estate agent will also go a long way in setting an appropriate selling price for your home. Once you have locked in a price and selected your real estate agent these first steps will go a long way to making it feel less complicated when selling a home.

Your real estate agent, hopefully with many years of experience and sales success, will be a big part of making the process of selling your home feel less complicated. Your agent will not only be able to handle negotiations with buyer agents and their clients they will also conduct open houses, handle marketing materials as well as schedule the home inspection. Be careful and thorough when selecting your agent because they will either be a valuable resource which will help result in a timely sale of your home while maximizing its price or they will be a hindrance putting little effort into your property and leaving it on the market for months on end.

It would be nice if all homes were able to be sold "as is" assuming they've been kept in good condition and require little to no repair or maintenance. This however is often not the case and while the homeowner can go to great lengths to improve the property by updating the exterior landscaping or making minor repairs on the interior sometimes professional help is needed. Something that might make it a little more complicated to sell a home is hiring staging professionals to present your property in its best light. While this added expense and time consuming process may feel overwhelming it can make the difference between a two-week sale or eight month sale. If you don't mind a little additional work and expense then teaming with a professional stager can maximize the financial results of your home sale.

At the end of the day, the answer to how complicated it is to sell a home will depend on how prepared you are in getting the home ready to be placed on the market as well as taking the time to find a good real estate agent. Just like making dinner or building a deck, your particular level of success in minimizing complications will depend on how much initial work and preparation is invested in the beginning. The key is to go in with as much information as possible and select the best real estate agent you can at which point it will become much less complicated when selling your home.

Image by: Steven Martin