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Free Home Business Ideas

Free Home Business Ideas

There is nothing better than being your own boss and running a home based business which is often a dream come true for many individuals. The key to working in general is doing something you love. So when it comes to low-cost or free home business ideas, start with hobbies and personal interests first. You might be surprised what you come up with when you write down your ideas. Nothing is off the table as you never know what the market may be interested in and it is completely possible that a personal craft or interest could be a huge success. Due to the Internet, anything you can imagine is readily available and anything you can sell can potentially reach a huge global audience. The best home based businesses are free using existing resources and your passion. Let's get started and look at some ideas which can help you narrow down ideas.

Providing a service, as opposed to selling a product, often has the least overhead and is not likely to incur significant expenses up front. One of these ideas is a wedding or party planner. The best way to get started is to to throw a couple of big parties or events initially for minimal cost to those hiring your service. This allows you to document the event and start building a portfolio to present to future clients. Since most of the costs will be borne by the individuals paying for the event it can keep costs down. If you have a knack for big parties then wedding and party planning could be a wonderful home based business.

A personal shopper is another type of service-based business which relies primarily on networking and lots of free time. Many individuals have hectic lifestyles and don't have the time to pick up gifts, drop off dry cleaning or handle various tasks that require dealing with customer service or standing in line. Depending on the size of your personal network and your ability to get clients, becoming a personal shopper could be an opportunity to make good money by handling the task that busier individuals don't have the time to do themselves. Handling the day-to-day tasks of busy professionals can be a great way to earn extra money.

Copywriting is another idea that requires a nominal investment as really all you need is a laptop or other personal computer. Since most individuals already have one of these, if you can type relatively quickly then copywriting is a service many businesses often have a need for as their employees are usually too busy. This tends to apply though only individuals with good typing skills as the work will eventually become overwhelming with the backlog of copy if you're unable to type 80 to 100 words per minute. You might be surprised how many individuals and businesses need people who can type quickly and accurately.

The key to these ideas for free home based businesses is to pick something you enjoy doing with a minimum of up front expenses. When you come up with your free home business idea you just need to get the word out that your service is available. This can be done using the Internet via LinkedIn or other social networking sites as well as Craigslist and various bulletin board systems. Clearly outline what your service is and how much it costs and always be professional. The fact that you are working at home does not mean wearing cutoff sweats or showing up late to appointments is acceptable. If you take your home business seriously than those you deal with will take you seriously and both professional and profitable relationships will develop as a result. Your success is only limited by your ideas and your willingness to work hard to provide a first-rate product or service.

Image by: Pete Labrozzi