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Best Home Based Businesses On Budget

Best Home Based Businesses On Budget

It is the dream of many workers to become their own boss and start a home-based business. Sometimes it can be difficult especially when you find yourself on a limited budget with constraints to available financial resources. Not everyone has $20,000 to put into a home-based business and most have to make tough decisions about cost-conscious purchases. If you find yourself in a position with limited resources, don't lose hope since there are number of different home-based business ideas which can still be successful with limited financing.

Party Planner

If you're a social butterfly and often participate in or throw your own parties, maybe being a party planner is the home business idea for you. It doesn't necessarily require a lot of money but you will need a large social network of friends, family and coworkers to both hire you and spread the word to their own social networks. Creating business cards and purchasing business management software is all you need initially since most parties will require a 50% deposit which can be used to purchase supplies.


Instead of being a struggling writer or unpublished author, consider being a copywriter for different online and in print publications. Many publishers are continually looking for original well-written content from different authors. If you have a knack for writing quick and interesting articles then offering your services to various websites can help supplement your income with little additional expense and an added tax write-off.


Don't let that business management degree in accounting go to waste so start a home-based bookkeeper business. Many small businesses don't require full-time bookkeepers and often hire temporary or contract bookkeepers to balance the books once a month. Similar to computer support, many business operations only require the services of a highly trained professional periodically. So be that highly trained professional that small businesses hire for their bookkeeping needs.

Day Care Provider

For stay-at-home parents which already have a few kids to look after, it can make sense to offer the same service to friends, family and neighbors. This may require some additional state licensing which is an added expense but other than your time and childproofing not much else is required. Day care has become prohibitively expensive for many families so if you're in a position to watch children why not start a home-based day care business.


In conjunction with becoming a day care provider, consider offering chauffeur services for the neighborhood kids. In many neighborhoods, a group of kids grow up together and participate in the same team sports or go to the same after school activities. If you have a large enough vehicle like a Suburban or cargo van, many parents will jump at the opportunity to have you chauffeur their kids to and from their many events for a nominal fee.


Photography isn't like it used to be with darkrooms and expensive equipment requiring years of training and experience. Being a photographer does still require a good eye and the desire to constantly be on the move looking for subjects. If you have access to a mid to high-end DSLR camera you can turn a love of photography into a home-based business on a budget. Stock photo sites and contract work are always available since most consumers neither have the skill nor the camera to take high quality pictures.