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Reducing Your Deductible for Auto Insurance

Reducing Your Deductible for Auto Insurance

To reduce your car insurance deductible, all you have to do is simply contact your car insurance company and tell them the reduction you would like to make. You can do this over the phone, online, or via e-mail.

The deductible amount is completely up to you as the customer, and you have the right to change your deductible amount at any time as long as you inform the insurance company. However, it is important to keep in mind that reducing your car insurance deductible will have some consequences. Read on to learn all about auto insurance deductibles and then of course you want to save some money on your car insurance, right?

What is a deductible?

The basics of car insurance center around deductibles. A deductible is the amount that you, the customer, pay before your insurance will kick in. When you are in an accident or when your car is damaged, you must file a claim for the replacement or repair costs. Your insurance company will not pay the claim until your deducible is met. If for some reason you cannot pay your deductible, the insurance company will not pay their amount. This is part of the terms of the contract you make with the insurance company when you get a car insurance policy.

Deductibles typically start at $250 and go up to $5,000 or even more. The insurance company will give you a suggestion on the deductible based on your income, the type of vehicle you are insuring, and the replacement value of that vehicle. However, it will only be a suggestion. The final amount is entirely up to you, what you think you need, and what you can afford.

Some insurance companies use a simple calculation suggesting that your deductible be 10% the value of the car. This means, for example, if your vehicle is worth $5,000, a $500 deductible would be a good amount. If you vehicle is worth $25,000 then a $2,500 deductible would be a good amount. Again, it is only a suggestion. The amount you choose should be based more on what you can afford than the value of your vehicle.

How an Auto Insurance Deductible Works

A deducible works like this - If you get into an accident that causes $3,000 worth of damage to your car and your deductible is $500, you pay $500 then the insurance company will pay the remaining $2,500. Changing your deductible can affect the amount of your premium anywhere from 10% to 20%. You can change your deductible amount any time so starting with a low deductible until you save up money and then changing the amount is possible.

You will need to choose a deductible whether you have comprehensive coverage or simply collision. Comprehensive coverage covers any damage caused to your vehicle from another vehicle, a natural disaster, or vandalism. Comprehensive coverage is important if your car is new or if you still owe money on your vehicle. Collision coverage covers only accidents with other vehicles.

Whether you get comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, your deductible should still be based on your income level, the value of your car, and how much you want to pay for your monthly premium. Many websites have deductible calculators that ask you questions. Your answers help determine the amount that is recommended for your deductible. Using a deductible calculator is one way to make sure you are covered should you have an accident.

What is the Purpose of a Deductible?

A car insurance deductible serves many purposes. First of all, it keeps overall insurance rates affordable. Since the customer pays a portion of the claim, insurance companies can keep prices affordable by making deductibles mandatory. Secondly, deductibles cause drivers to be more caution. Knowing that you will have to pay for the first part of damages should make you more careful and diligent in driving.

Lastly, deductibles discourage individuals from claiming everything, even very small claims. For example, if $300 damage is done to your vehicle and your deductible is $500, there is no claim to file with the insurance company. By not filing many small claims, insurance companies are able to use there money to pay our more substantial claims which is a win-win for both the insurance company and the customer.

Every car insurance company has different premiums and these premiums are affected by deductibles. If you aren't sure what car insurance company or deductible is right for you, you can compare companies and prices online. Comparing online saves you time and gives you all the information you need to make your car insurance choice.

What are some of the consequences of reducing your car insurance deductible?

Though you are able to reduce the amount of your deductible at any time simply by contacting your insurance company, doing so will have some consequences. First of all, you should be aware that the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be. This is because you are taking on more of the risk and putting less risk on the insurance company.

When you contact your insurance company to let them know you will be reducing your deductible, they will do some quick calculations and let you know what your new monthly premium will be and it will be effective immediately. You will need to adjust your payment plan and budget to fit this new monthly premium amount. Remember, if you don't make your payments in full and on time, you won't be covered if you are in an accident or damage is done to your vehicle.

One of the positive consequences of reducing your car insurance deductible is knowing that you will owe less money when an accident or damage occurs. The best thing to do concerning your deductible is to set aside the amount of the deductible in a savings account or by some other means so that if it comes due, you will have the money to pay the insurance company. Reducing your deductible means you will owe less in one lump sum but a little bit more each month.

Before reducing your deductible, you should take into consideration how much your monthly premium will increase. Take this number as well as your new deductible amount and see if the increase is worth it. In many cases, it won't be. It may be better to take the amount your premium would have increased had you changed the deductible, and put that away towards paying the deductible in the future.

Choosing an insurance company, coverage, and deductible amounts can seem overwhelming, especially with so many companies to choose from. To reduce some of the information available, you can use an online car insurance comparison rate quote tool to narrow your choices down to a few top companies. A comparison tool will show you rates and quotes from different companies side by side so you can find the company and deductible amount that is right for you.

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