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Common Car Insurance Problems

Common Car Insurance Problems

Almost every state requires that drivers take out car insurance, but most do not fully understand their policy until they attempt to file a claim. Car insurance can lead to a number of other problems as well. Here are some common problems that people run into with their car insurance, and some ways to avoid them.

When first purchasing insurance there are many common problems. It is essential to fully understand what you are buying in order to get the best deal. The first thing to look at is the deductible. This is the money you must pay when making a claim. The lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium, and vice versa. One common tactic of insurance companies is to sneak in extra coverage into your policy that you may not want or need. Carefully review everything your policy covers to ensure that you are not unknowingly paying for something you do not want.

Most first run into to trouble with their insurance when they attempt to file a claim. Some expect it to be a simple process, and it is anything but. One common pitfall is waiting too long to file a claim. The likelihood of difficulties when filing rises with every passing hour after the accident, and calling the insurance company should be done immediately along with other essential tasks like the police report. Another common problem arises out of confusion about one's policies. Many have no idea what and how much their policy covers, which often results in nasty surprises when attempting to file a claim. Time should be set aside when purchasing the policy to read and fully understand it. It may take a while, but its worth it to avoid the later hassle.

Always keep in mind that insurance companies can and do dispute claims, so it's important to gather all the appropriate documentation of the accident. Get a police report, take pictures, and do whatever it takes prove what happened on the road. Imagine you are going to have to prove it in court because you just might. Submit all of this evidence along with your claim, it can substantially speed up the process.

Image by: Mike Schinkel